Digital Menu Boards

BLR Knows Digital Menus!

BLR Sign Systems has been listening to the signage, marketing and communication needs of businesses since 1971.We are a certified, end-to-end solutions provider for digital menu boards and exterior signage. BLR can produce smart and creative menus using a simple, focused approach that allows direct updates by the customer or on-going support services.  Let BLR help you navigate the process of installing, deploying and maintaining your digital menu project.


The most important aspect of any sign is the actual message. It’s not just that it’s spelled right or the colors are accurate – it’s about conveying the right message to the right audience at the right time. Digital Signage is no different and in fact it’s even more important to have compelling content since it’s now on high definition screens. BLR Sign Systems has been focused on content and messaging for over 40 years and has added dynamic content creation to our expertise. That’s what separates us from many other digital signage providers – our systems are great but our focus on content is even better and it’s what you should care about the most. As they say – Content is King and BLR knows content.

Digital menus take the place of static displays and menu boards like printed signs and banners, back-lit signs, chalkboards or hard copy menu boards.  Restaurants can spend hundreds, even thousands, of dollars to modify static menu boards due to both printing and installation fees. Digital menu boards can be manually or automatically updated with little to no extra expense.  

Digital Menu Boards for Quick Service and Fast Casual Restaurants

11.5% of quick service and fast casual restaurants, that adopted the digital menu technology early on, found that they could recoup their initial investment, for the technology, within 6 months of installing the digital menus. An additional 30.8% of the restaurants surveyed retrieved their initial investment within 7-12 months.

BLR has been offering digital menu board systems for more nearly 10 years to single and multiple location operators throughout Northern California and beyond.

Whether you need a single digital menu or a multi-screen dynamic digital menu board system we have the experience and resources to accomplish your goals on-time and on budget.

BLR works to deliver each digital digital menu board system at the most reasonable cost possible. Along with aggressive pricing, BLR has several options for payment to help manage cash flow and ensure your restaurant maximizes the value of the investment in a digital menu board system and improve your customers experience in your restaurant.

How Do Quick Service & Fast Casual Restaurants Measure ROI for Digital Menu Boards?

Quick service and fast casual restaurants experienced a 10 to 50% boost in sales after switching to digital menu boards.

Centralized Control of Menu Board Content

Implementing changes with static menu boards incurs costs with every change. The menu board has to be reprinted and installed with each and every change that is implemented. Digital menu boards provide more control for both small and large restaurant chains. Large restaurant brands have the ability to control the content that is distributed to all locations at one time, which allows for the brand to maintain better consistency. Also, real-time update capability can manage menu item availability to improve food costs and provide a better customer experience.

Better Pricing Flexibility

Food costs can fluctuate at any point of time due to seasonal items, or weather conditions. Occasionally, restaurants need to modify their prices to improve margins or to reduce costs to increase sales. Digital menu boards allow restaurants to modify prices and have better control of their bottom line.

Lower Costs to Make Menu Changes

Static menu boards are less expensive to initially install, but incur fees for every change that a restaurant wants to make. Digital menu boards provide a more streamlined process for making changes and are cost-effective over long periods of time.

Increased Sales of Promotional Items

Promotional items can be tricky for restaurants. Often those items go unnoticed by customers unless a restaurant employee mentions the special food items. Employees may forget to mention the promotion, which can leave money on the table for a restaurant! Digital menu boards can consistently show off a promotional item to grab a customers’ attention and provide them with the option to purchase additional items. This means more sales for the quick service and fast casual restaurants.

Better Compliance with Menu Labeling Laws

Menu labeling laws can be tricky. Labeling laws change, or are modified, with little warning. Once those labeling laws change, it is important that all restaurants locations comply. Menu boards are now required to show calorie information for customers. With static menu boards, every restaurant location is required to reprint and install new boards. Locations with digital menu boards are able to use their centralized control panel to modify all menu boards with quick changes to keep in compliance with the law.

Higher Check Averages

Up-selling is huge for any industry, but especially in quick service and fast food restaurants. It is important for every restaurant location to maximize the number of items sold per person. While employees can be great for reminding customers about additional items they may want to add to their order, employees are also susceptible to human error. Employees may forget or be rushed during peak times. Digital menu boards flawlessly remind each and every customer about adding additional items to their order or promotional items that will increase check averages.