Digital Directories

Why Choose BLR Sign Systems for Your Digital Directory?

The average cost of adding a tenant’s name to a traditional building directory can be over $400 and can take more than a month to implement. Digital directories reduces that cost by 90%. Installing a digital directory can also have a huge impact on visitors’ experience. Rather than a traditional directory that simply has the name and location of each tenant, digital directories can improve the visitor experience by adding wayfinding capabilities and include community or promotional information.


The most important aspect of any sign is the actual message. It’s not just that it’s spelled right or the colors are accurate – it’s about conveying the right message to the right audience at the right time. Digital Signage is no different and in fact it’s even more important to have compelling content since it’s now on high definition screens. BLR Sign Systems has been focused on content and messaging for over 40 years and has added dynamic content creation to our expertise. That’s what separates us from many other digital signage providers – our systems are great but our focus on content is even better and it’s what you should care about the most. As they say – Content is King and BLR knows content.


BLR Sign Systems has been providing signage and marketing support to companies from Milpitas to Sunnyvale to San Francisco since 1971 – with an emphasis on digital displays since 2010.


BLR has been helping building owners, property managers and tenant improvement groups throughout Northern California improve tenant and visitor experiences for decades.


Our staff has been trained, and certified, to become experts in digital signage.

We provide digital directory systems that are attractive, dynamic and interactive (if needed). These systems utilize the best displays for the location in the building, the tenant listings and other information appropriate to the specific installation.

Doing an upgrade to digital directories requires diligent pre-installation review and installation to minimize the impact to the location. Integrating a digital directory into a new build-out ensures that the “high-tech” expectations of the tenant and their visitors are met. Our experienced installers ensure the process ends with a directory that WOW’s tenant and building visitors.

BLR works to deliver each digital directory system at the most reasonable cost possible. Along with aggressive pricing, BLR has several options for payment to help manage cash flow and ensure your business gains the full benefits of digital signage.

A study conducted by SignAd Network found that "digital video in public venues reaches more Americans each month than online videos" (70 percent digital signage vs. 43 percent for online videos).

Digital directories can provide information about the facility and its tenants.  Many industries can benefit from digital directories and wayfinding including: corporate campuses, health care, retail, recreation venues, parks, stadiums, university campuses and businesses.

Digital Directory Benefits

  •  Reduced time looking for a specific business/location
  • Engaged in the digital experience through touch (screens) and movement (video)
  • Cost-effective way to update information
  • Creates branding opportunity
  • Allows for promotions to be seen by every visitor
  • Provides additional information about a company and its' products/services