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Digital signage and displays are here to stay. More and more businesses are investing in digital signage technology, not only in a traditional sense to advertise products and services, but also to use them as interactive touch points to engage customers.

So, how big is the future for interactive digital signage? While there is no guarantee when it comes to predicting future trends, especially when it comes to technology (remember how many people thought social media was going to be a fad?), one thing is for sure—the future lies with the new generation of technology users who are growing up with touch screens and interactive displays.

As argued by James Velco in his article entitled Interactivity, Data Mining, and the Future of Digital Signage:

“Thanks to the iPad, iPhone, and Android devices, an increasingly younger population has the expectation of interacting with displays to obtain specific, personally relevant information. For my two sons, personally relevant information is finding specific videos they want to watch. So how do two little boys have any bearing on the direction of digital signage? When they grow up, they’ll expect to interact with every display they see. They will have grown up thinking interactive monitors are part of everyday life.”


Velco’s point accurately encapsulates exactly where the future for interactive digital signage is headed. Since Generation Y is going to come to expect it as part of everyday life, it is likely that it will be part of everyday life.

Traditional signs will become digital, and digital signs will become interactive.

BLR Sign Systems has provided traditional signage for 40 years and has done nearly 200 "screen" installs for customers in a wide variety of businesses over the past 5 years.

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