September 25, 2018

Digital Signage Market is Anticipated to Grow US$27 Billion by 2024


Market Research Engine has published findings that the digital signage market is anticipated to grow $27 Billion by 2024.  Here's a snippet of their overall analysis:


How Big is the Global digital signage Market?

The Global digital signage Market is expected to exceed more than US$ 27 billion by 2024 and will grow at a CAGR of more than 6.5% in the given forecast period.


The major driving factors of Global digital signage Market are as follows:


  • Growth of Commercial Displays Over Consumer Displays in Digital Signage
  • Increasing Need of Reducing the Wastage of Paper and Being Environmentally-Friendly
  • Cost Effectiveness and Assured Return on Investment
  • Rising Demand of OLED-Based Displays
  • Improvements in Technology Offerings and Infrastructure Expansions

The restraining factors of Global digital signage Market are as follows:


  • Lack of Standardization
  • Lack of Awareness About Digital Signage


April 17, 2018

Is Your Signage Ready to Launch?

It's an exciting time at your company when you've decided to go digital with your signage - but that knot in your stomach saying "Is it ready" is probably keeping you up at night.  Here's a list of things to keep in mind to deciding to go LIVE! 

Core Concept

At the core, your digital signage is promoting a product or a brand.  Is your signage properly addressing your target market and how they receive information about your product/brand?  If not, rethink your digital strategy to ensure they are open to your messaging and more likely to buy!


Are you working with a reputable company who has the knowledge to put together all the pieces of your signage?  There's not only the digital screens, but hooking it up, making sure it is all compatible and finally the messaging platform.  All components need to work flawlessly together?  Not BLR for a consultation.


You've picked out your technology, but have you thought through how that technology gets put together and displayed?  Making sure your digital display has enough space to be mounted and is in plain view is just as important as the technology itself.  Make sure before you go live with your messaging that you've thought through this as well!



March 28, 2016

"Customer Life Journey" From Digital Signage

Learning is the epicenter of growth; which is why BLR is committed to continual learning, growing and improving on our craft.  We came across the "Customer Life Journey" on the site and thought this was the perfect tidbit to share with you.

Your customers first need to realize they have a need before they can engage in the research phase.  Once they begin researching they will be able to narrow down the options based on their needs and wants from a product or service.  They select a brand (hopefully yours) and then make a purchase.  HOORAY!

The next crucial steps are that your customer now needs to receive the product, use it and continue to use the product/service.  Once they realize how much they love your product, they can now refer and recommend your brand and product/service.  This means more business coming your way!!

But how do you assist the customer in their 'life journey'?  ENGAGE, ENGAGE, ENGAGE! With great content and interactive signage. That's where BLR Sign Systems comes in! ;)




November 17, 2015

Franchising Innovation Summit

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March 29 - 31, 2016

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April 8, 2011

Keep Focused

A confused, unclear and unfocused sign is one that includes more information than is necessary.


Sign "Before"

Take the care to edit your message to its essential minimum—and think about the "white space" so to speak.  Especially in a busy environment, such as a trade show or office lobby, you need to clear away a space so your message can be seen.  It needs to "pop out" from the background scenery.

Where communicating an announcement or featuring a product, design your sign for quick, brief attention.  Think about whether you want it seen at mid-distance or up close—or both.


Sign "After"

In the "After" example above, the product is more visible and flows right into the text message.  Before, it was sitting inside a white box by itself, not totally integrated with the whole.

As you can see, it's important to put some thought into how to best arrange any visual message.