February 5, 2019

DSE 2018 APEX Award Nominee: Coca-Cola

Coca-Cola had to obtain three patents while developing this innovative technology that consists of 1,715 robotic LED cubes that can be choreographed and paired with digital content. They were awarded two Guinness World records for the sign: 3D Robotic Billboard and the largest 3D robotic billboard!



November 5, 2018

GameStop TV Network to Rollout to 3,800 Stores

If you had to pick a sub-category of the retail industry to utilize digital signage - who would it be?  We choose gaming!


It appears that GameStop Corp. is upgrading their digital video network to more than 3,800 locations.  Their network delivers advertising, interviews, game previews and other content on HD displays in their GameStop stores.  It's called GameStop Tv.  We are in love with it!

"GameStop is gaining more brand traction every year, and part of our success is creating a fun, exciting store environment where our customers like to hang out," Mark Qualls, vice president of operations at GameStop, said in a press release. "The digital GameStop TV network will add a new dimension of excitement and community to our locations, while at the same time providing excellent opportunities for advertisers."



Picture from @Marisha_Ray Twitter

March 6, 2018

7 shortcuts to higher profits via menu board optimization

By Tom Cook, principal, King-Casey

Originally posted on Fast Casual

Designing a menu that communicates critical menu elements to simplify the customer purchase process isn't easy, but there is a tool that can help; the optimized menu board.

Research shows that 56 percent of customers can be influenced by the menu board, about About 74 percent said than an easy-to-read menu board is their top priority. The CEO of a QSR chain recently told us that: "Menu board optimization is one of the best investments my company can make. It far exceeds almost any other strategy I could pursue to increase profits."

So why do so many menu boards underperform? One big reason is that they are strategically weak. They don't incorporate business objectives or take into consideration how customers actually use menu boards. Effective menu board design follows a structured, analytical approach that is much more than a graphic exercise. Our firm has identified seven truths that collectively result in world-class menu board strategy and design.

1. Leverage hot spots

2. Evaluate real estate

3. Location, location, location

6. Brand it
Great branding is more than a logo. It should extend to every aspect of the business that involves the customer, especially the menu board. Doing so will heighten a customer's trust and overall experience. When designing a branded menu board, never forget that your number one priority is simplicity and ease-of-use. Don't get carried away with clever designs and superfluous graphic details. Your customer wants something that is easy to read and navigate.

7. Measure it
Metrics matter. Now that you have optimized your menu board, it is time to measure the success of your efforts. Look for sales, margin and ticket increases, improved throughput, improved customer satisfaction and, equally important, happier franchisees. This is another area where the "Research Primer" noted above can be a big help.


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