April 16, 2019

Can Digital Become Smarter?


Can Digital Become Smarter?


Of course it can!


Computers are being programmed to process larger amounts of data, at faster speeds while becoming more responsive and personalized with the advances of Artificial Intelligence. With these advances, signage will be able to better tailor their messaging to the target demographic, on demand. Cross-promoting will occur at the perfect time, in the perfect place -- all through the automation of AI having the ability to sift through and correlate data at speeds faster than we have ever seen before!


April 3, 2018

Artificial Intelligence Increases Digital Signage Success

Artificial Intelligence  noun

  1. The theory and development of computer systems able to perform tasks that normally require human intelligence, such as visual perception, speech recognition, decision-making, and translation between languages.

How Does Artificial Intelligence Work?

Artificial Intelligence platforms are able to evaluate data to find patterns and then can deliver a specific action based on that data.  They call this use of data driven by artificial intelligence: deep learning.  While deep learning is relatively new, it has the power to provide extraordinary results.  

How Can We Use Artificial Intelligence with Digital Signage?

Imagine having an interactive digital screen in your store that allowed you to taylor the message being displayed that is directly responsive to the weather outside?  For example, a clothing store displays sweaters and coats when the weather is cold - and shows tank tops and shorts when the weather is warm outside.  Artificial Intelligence would make this possible.  

In another scenario - what if the digital screen was 'smart' enough that it REMEMBERED your customers through facial recognition and could welcome them back!  

Looking Ahead.


The global digital signage market is expected to grow to $31.71 billion by 2025. While the AI market is predicted to rise to nearly $60 billion by 2025.

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