February 26, 2019

6 Ways You'll Attract Potential Customers With Digital Signage


Not many people seem to shop at malls or retail shops as much as they used to, due to convenient online shopping at home. But, if you do shop at a mall or strip mall, wouldn’t a digital display catch your eye?

Here are some ways to attract potential customers:

Brand Advertising A video showing popular or trending products or styles might lure people into your store. Watching videos seems to be what’s in right now, as YouTube and Facebook videos engage their audiences more. Why not have a few digital displays to entice and awe the crowd? Also, ad campaigns during holidays can be beneficial for your sales.

Digital projectors There are many creative themes to project onto the floors or walls. When it’s Valentine’s Day, think of animated hearts of various reds and pinks on the walls above your product displays. Or summer, with an open floor space that mimics a sandy beach with small ocean tides, that reveal seashells and scurrying crabs. Maybe it’s the winter holiday season, and snowflakes flurry around your cozy window display. How fun!

Promotional Sales If you want to grab the passerby’s attention, digital displays will mesmerize them with a flashing “Buy one get one free” or “50% off everything in the store” along with beautiful graphics/video. It will entice them more than a regular sign, which means increased sales.

Touch Screen Display Imagine walking into a store and being overwhelmed with the amount of products or clothing. How cool would it be to go to the touch screen kiosk and take a quiz that will help you pick your clothing style, and popular shirts to choose from? Or maybe finding products under $25? This interactive display would help with a customer’s positive experience.

Gift Ideas You need to get a gift for your boss, and you stumble upon a retail window that has a video of must haves for Boss’s Day. Well, that sure makes selecting the perfect present much easier. Your child’s birthday is coming up, and the coolest “toy of the year” video plays as you walk nearby, and it’s on sale. Score!

Social Media Marketing We all know that social media plays an important role in influencing sales and promoting your business. Sometimes, people are running around like crazy and don’t have time to walk into your store right now. If your digital screen had your social media pages, website and hashtag info, then that busy mom can take a picture and surf the internet when they have free time. A QR code is another way to get consumers to look your website.

With so many reasons to have digital signs for your store, you will stand out in the retail world.


January 5, 2016

Cadvent Calendar Hits In The UK

Advent calendars are a special calendar used to count down the days to Christmas.  Each day of the month, a flap is opened on the calendar to reveal a little surprise.  These calendars date back to the 19th century!  So how do you take a tradition of this magnitude into the 21st century?

Leave it to the Cadbury egg company to find a way with the introduction of the Cadvent Calendar that was globalized with DOOH (Display Out of Home) advertising methods and digital signage.


24 Trucks created the Cadvent Calendar and delivered their goods to 24 different cities throughout the month.  Check out the video to get a glimpse at the fun.


November 17, 2015

Franchising Innovation Summit

Do you work in the restaurant industry? Be at the top of your game after attending the Restaurant Franchising & Innovation Summit in 2016.  

March 29 - 31, 2016

Get details at: http://franchisinginnovation.com/

November 13, 2015

Pop-Up Kiosks Boost Revenue Streams


Imagine walking through the airport, a local market or any other location that has a simple outlet.  And attached to the outlet is a fully developed kiosk that includes touch screens, fully encompassing advertising and the ability to purchase products.  It's like a turbo-sized vending machine!

These pop-up kiosks are mobile and can be used in a multitude of ways!  The great part is, after building them out, there's no need to hire staff.  The touch-screens are the sales staff! 

What type of kiosk could you use in your store?  Or...How could you branch your business into new areas with a pop-up kiosk?    

September 1, 2015

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