November 7, 2011

Make Your Logo Pop

Whether outdoors on the side of a building, or indoors in a lobby or conference room, brand identity is something you want people to notice.  Usually, a company wants people to know clearly that they have arrived to their location and that they are in the right building.

Here is an example where we used three dimensional (3D) letters for a company logo.  The letters and the yellow "swoosh" mark were custom painted to match the approved corporate colors. We used this approach on an exterior brick wall near the entrance, and also on an interior wall in a conference room.

Many options exist in 3D letters: they can be made of acrylic, metal, foam, wood — you name it.  The same applies for 3D contour shapes such as you see here (yellow "swoosh") — as well as any logo or mark.  

If you want ideas that you can apply to your own office building or space, visit our sign portfolio — or give us a call at 408-956-9401.