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by blrsignsystems | April 27, 2021 | blog
Coinstar Goes Digital

The coin-counting giant, Coinstar, launched a digital advertising platform for their advertising partners. A digital display was affixed to the top of the kiosk and displayed animation and static imagery. This allowed key partners (think about what stores in which the kiosk is displayed) would be able to advertise specials, announcements, etc. The store would… View Article

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by blrsignsystems | April 20, 2021 | blog
Mobile is the new Digital Signage

The evolution of signage has been a long journey. Once billboards were the wave of the future which morphed over the years to the evolution of digital signs. Wayfinding machines, digital screens, digital walls, digital billboards — you name it — we heard about it as the wave of the future! And then the pandemic… View Article

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by blrsignsystems | April 13, 2021 | blog
Innovation Paves the Way

The Reagan Ranch Center is a library or resources located in the Ranch that Ronald Reagan called “home” – in Santa Barbara, California. The Ranch allowed visitors to learn about Reagan and his principles.  Seven interactive touchscreens were located throughout the facility and considered an integral part of the experience. When the pandemic hit, touchscreens… View Article

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by blrsignsystems | April 6, 2021 | blog
Support Each Other

B2B business has always been competitive nature; however, with the pandemic life shifted in both personal and professional ways. Businesses were forced to make rapid changes to accommodate the workplace shift to online and working from home. This major shift opened the door for major, and rapid change. Digital signage became more important than ever…. View Article

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by blrsignsystems | March 30, 2021 | blog
Self-Service Innovation Awards

With COVID-19, companies were forced to innovate at record rate. The Self-Service Innovation Awards were held in December for companies that excelled at innovative solutions for the kiosk industry. Check out the winners: Innovation of the Year (B2B) PicoCooler, submitted by 365 Retail Markets Innovation of the Year (B2C) Freestyle Contactless Pouring on a Smartphone,… View Article

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by blrsignsystems | March 23, 2021 | blog
In-store Video Marketing

Many businesses have faced the challenge this past year to either innovate or be shut down. Expectations to meet health and safety guidelines while also hitting revenue goals have created a tension to manage for what seems like years to come. Making the choice to limit capacity to adhere to social distancing guidelines and prioritize… View Article

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