June 18, 2019

Digital Window Displays


In today's society, people are glued to their phones which makes it increasingly difficult to draw their attention to a window display. By utilizing digital displays in the window, stores have a chance to gain potential customers' attention.

Digital Window Displays

"There is a diverse selection of options available which do so much more than traditional static signage. Digital displays can more easily capture the attention of customers, even under direct sunlight, and simple, efficient content management means retailers can keep their displays updated and eye-catching," S.G Kim, executive vice president of visual display division, Samsung, said in an interview.

Kim also pointed out that with window digital signage specifically, you can, "reach customers before they even set foot in your store."


June 11, 2019

Learning From Digital

June 4, 2019

Failing to Plan is like Planning to Fail

Digital Signage Connection was asked about maintenance requirements after integrating digital signage technology. We thought this was a great question as well and worth some insight.

"Failing to plan is like planning to fail."

 Monitoring and maintaining your digital signage ecosystem after integration should be a conversation that you have prior to engaging in business with an installation company. Let's be honest, technology does fail at times and the best way to avoid a catastrophic event, is to have a plan in place at integration. Discuss the details of how your digital signage company can best support your endeavors moving forward with monitoring and maintenance plans.

BLR would love an opportunity to discuss your digital implementation, design and maintenance needs.

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