April 23, 2019

Recall Rates of Digital Signage

April 16, 2019

Can Digital Become Smarter?


Can Digital Become Smarter?


Of course it can!


Computers are being programmed to process larger amounts of data, at faster speeds while becoming more responsive and personalized with the advances of Artificial Intelligence. With these advances, signage will be able to better tailor their messaging to the target demographic, on demand. Cross-promoting will occur at the perfect time, in the perfect place -- all through the automation of AI having the ability to sift through and correlate data at speeds faster than we have ever seen before!


April 9, 2019

Reduce Perceived Wait Time

April 2, 2019

LG’s Incredible OLED TV Show Booth: The Massive Curve of Nature

LG showed off its OLED TV display in an immersive installation at CES.