June 26, 2018

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June 19, 2018

5 Ways Digital Signage Can Help Your Business

Even after such advancement of technology, new things keep popping up that catch our attention, especially in business and marketing sector, no matter how much the world progresses, it is a fact that people will always be attracted by signs. And, to adapt to the changing world, the traditional static signs have been changed into digital ones. These digital signs have the potential to boost your business. Think about it yourself, would you not be interested in something that you saw on a big glowing screen? 

Here are five major ways through which digital signage can help your business.

  • It Grabs Attention

As mentioned earlier, high-resolution digital signs will definitely catch attention. People do not go around looking for signs, which is why digital signs are important. After implementing digital signs, people won’t search for them, they will be attracted to the screen on their own. Moreover, if the sign is a big one and has really well-designed content, then it will not only grab the viewers attention but will also grab more customers for your business.

  • It Makes Ordering Easier

It is no surprise that the world is seeing increasingdigitalization of signage. Digital menus will make your potential customers believe that they have contacted a technologically advanced business. After all, ordering products off a large screen is a lot better than paper, more engaging, more information, more orders. The menus can also be quickly changed using a computer or eeven a smartphone. Therefore, you should not worry about printing new menus every time there is a price change. Moreover, 29.5% of people are influenced to purchase a product because of digital menus because of the convenience and engaging content.

  • Installing a Video Wall Will Boost the Sales

Although all digital signs can attract more customers, installing a video wall will even increase the engagement of viewers and in the end likely sales of your company. Research has shown that one out of every five people make unplanned purchases after seeing a video-featured item. The increase of customers that had not planned on buying your product is sure to help your business.

  • It Will Provide Countless Sign Options

Unlike the traditional signs, the new digital signs can be changed anytime, anywhere. You can change the message of your sign according to your preferences. This way, you can advertise all of your products one at a time in the same sign rather than creating a new sign for each and every advertisement.

  • It Will Socialize Your Business

Everyone is hooked on social media nowadays, the facility of engaging with social media users is a bliss for any business. Because 44% of online shoppers admit that social

media influences their purchasing priorities. And Digital-signs make it easier because they can easily be set up to be display live Twitter conversations, Facebook pages , and other social media platforms.

It is no longer a doubt that digital signage will help your business. It does not matter what kind of business you are operating. After using digital signage, the rate of customer interactions as well as sales will skyrocket.


Mia Clarke is part of the content and community team at Userful.com, experts in all things video wall and display solutions. When Mia is not spreading the word about video walls she is often found discovering the great outdoors, walking or cycling.



June 12, 2018

Know Your Audience & Goals

2 Key items you need to remember while deploying your digital signage for the rest of 2018:

Know Your Target Audience. An effective marketing campaign starts with knowing your audience and providing content that appeals to your audience. With the influx of advertisements and messages we all encounter on a daily basis, it is important to remember that hearing/seeing a message once is not effective. Messaging has to be appealing, engaging and relevant to your audience for them to begin to pay attention.

Know Your Goals. There are a multitude of ways that your audience could engage with your business/brand; so, having a clear goal is essential to measure effectiveness. Is your goal to engage your audience on your facebook page, fill out a form on your website, pick up the phone and call or make a purchase on your site? Metrics are your go-to-source for determining if your message is working for the intended audience.

June 5, 2018

3 Reasons Your School Should Use Digital Signs

It’s that time of year again when schools are reviewing their budgets and making plans for the up-coming school year. BLR Sign Systems would like to provide you with 3 reasons your school should consider going digital with your outdoor signage this year.

Quick and Easy to Update

Outdoor static signs only provide schools with a one-time application to provide information, which usually consists of the school name and contact information. Digital signs allow for the school to quickly, and easily, update your signs with important information (see ‘Keep Parents Up-To-Date’ section!) without the additional costs.

Keep Parents Up-To-Date

It is important to utilize every opportunity to communicate with parents. Sometimes an email or a phone call can get lost in the shuffle as parents juggle work, school and activities. With digital outdoor signs, all your important information can be displayed as it is happening. Digital signs are a great way to communicate upcoming deadlines, reports are coming out, vacation dates and so much more. This allows your school to have technology work for you with minimal effort and maximum returns!

Motivate Students

By using outdoor digital displays, your school has a platform to publicly announce how great your students, teams and activities are. For example, if the debate team wins an important award the digital display can shout out their success for all to see. Also, honor roll students’ names can be displayed for all their hard work and dedication. The options are endless!

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