June 19, 2018

5 Ways Digital Signage Can Help Your Business

Even after such advancement of technology, new things keep popping up that catch our attention, especially in business and marketing sector, no matter how much the world progresses, it is a fact that people will always be attracted by signs. And, to adapt to the changing world, the traditional static signs have been changed into digital ones. These digital signs have the potential to boost your business. Think about it yourself, would you not be interested in something that you saw on a big glowing screen? 

Here are five major ways through which digital signage can help your business.

  • It Grabs Attention

As mentioned earlier, high-resolution digital signs will definitely catch attention. People do not go around looking for signs, which is why digital signs are important. After implementing digital signs, people won’t search for them, they will be attracted to the screen on their own. Moreover, if the sign is a big one and has really well-designed content, then it will not only grab the viewers attention but will also grab more customers for your business.

  • It Makes Ordering Easier

It is no surprise that the world is seeing increasingdigitalization of signage. Digital menus will make your potential customers believe that they have contacted a technologically advanced business. After all, ordering products off a large screen is a lot better than paper, more engaging, more information, more orders. The menus can also be quickly changed using a computer or eeven a smartphone. Therefore, you should not worry about printing new menus every time there is a price change. Moreover, 29.5% of people are influenced to purchase a product because of digital menus because of the convenience and engaging content.

  • Installing a Video Wall Will Boost the Sales

Although all digital signs can attract more customers, installing a video wall will even increase the engagement of viewers and in the end likely sales of your company. Research has shown that one out of every five people make unplanned purchases after seeing a video-featured item. The increase of customers that had not planned on buying your product is sure to help your business.

  • It Will Provide Countless Sign Options

Unlike the traditional signs, the new digital signs can be changed anytime, anywhere. You can change the message of your sign according to your preferences. This way, you can advertise all of your products one at a time in the same sign rather than creating a new sign for each and every advertisement.

  • It Will Socialize Your Business

Everyone is hooked on social media nowadays, the facility of engaging with social media users is a bliss for any business. Because 44% of online shoppers admit that social

media influences their purchasing priorities. And Digital-signs make it easier because they can easily be set up to be display live Twitter conversations, Facebook pages , and other social media platforms.

It is no longer a doubt that digital signage will help your business. It does not matter what kind of business you are operating. After using digital signage, the rate of customer interactions as well as sales will skyrocket.


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June 12, 2018

Know Your Audience & Goals

2 Key items you need to remember while deploying your digital signage for the rest of 2018:

Know Your Target Audience. An effective marketing campaign starts with knowing your audience and providing content that appeals to your audience. With the influx of advertisements and messages we all encounter on a daily basis, it is important to remember that hearing/seeing a message once is not effective. Messaging has to be appealing, engaging and relevant to your audience for them to begin to pay attention.

Know Your Goals. There are a multitude of ways that your audience could engage with your business/brand; so, having a clear goal is essential to measure effectiveness. Is your goal to engage your audience on your facebook page, fill out a form on your website, pick up the phone and call or make a purchase on your site? Metrics are your go-to-source for determining if your message is working for the intended audience.

June 5, 2018

3 Reasons Your School Should Use Digital Signs

It’s that time of year again when schools are reviewing their budgets and making plans for the up-coming school year. BLR Sign Systems would like to provide you with 3 reasons your school should consider going digital with your outdoor signage this year.

Quick and Easy to Update

Outdoor static signs only provide schools with a one-time application to provide information, which usually consists of the school name and contact information. Digital signs allow for the school to quickly, and easily, update your signs with important information (see ‘Keep Parents Up-To-Date’ section!) without the additional costs.

Keep Parents Up-To-Date

It is important to utilize every opportunity to communicate with parents. Sometimes an email or a phone call can get lost in the shuffle as parents juggle work, school and activities. With digital outdoor signs, all your important information can be displayed as it is happening. Digital signs are a great way to communicate upcoming deadlines, reports are coming out, vacation dates and so much more. This allows your school to have technology work for you with minimal effort and maximum returns!

Motivate Students

By using outdoor digital displays, your school has a platform to publicly announce how great your students, teams and activities are. For example, if the debate team wins an important award the digital display can shout out their success for all to see. Also, honor roll students’ names can be displayed for all their hard work and dedication. The options are endless!

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May 29, 2018

Engaging Digital Signage Built with Intel Inside®


Get to market faster with feature-rich digital signage from Intel, deliver tangible value and leave lasting impressions, measure audience engagement in real-time, and quickly adapt to new trends for a seamless experience across every channel.

May 22, 2018

3 Things To Look Out For When Creating Digital Content

Have you ever seen a sign that at first glance you couldn't figure out and your brain was instantly confused trying to determine what was happening?  This is a classic mistake that we, at BLR, want to help you avoid with these tips on things to look out for when creating digital content!

1. What Was That?!

You have just seconds to make an impression on your viewer to capture their attention.  If it takes too long for the viewer to recognize a brand, an image or what your text is saying - you've lost them!  To keep their attention try less clutter, legible fonts and wide spacing.  By drawing their eye to your visuals, you have a much better chance of keeping their attention and getting your message across!

2. What Is Happening Here?!

Movement is more likely to grab the attention of a passerby, but be careful about the amount of movement on the screen.  Too much movement can be distracting and hard to make out.  Again, simplicity is key!  Use animations or small movements to create a BIG impression.

3. Yuck, Look Away!

With moves towards 4K and everything in High-Definition - we are being trained to look for quality.  If your digital signage imagery is low-resolution, blurry or pixelated...your audience will notice!  Use clean, crisp lines and high-resolution images to POP off the screen at your viewers and gain their attention.


May 15, 2018

Digital signage making a difference for White Rose Credit Union

Original posted on |  Written by Michael Bartlett |  Published April 30 2018, 8:45am EDT


When $73 million White Rose Credit Union decided to relocate its branch in Red Lion, Pa., to nearby Dallastown, Pa., two years ago, it knew it needed something special to draw attention to the “new kid on the block.”

Jen Swanner, marketing vice president for the York, Pa.-based CU, chose to install a digital sign within a distinctive, 18-foot-high pylon. The credit union previously had worked with W.J. Strickler Signs, a company that has served the mid-Atlantic region since 1972, on static signs for some of its other branches. Strickler designed a sign with the White Rose Credit Union logo and name illuminated on top, and incorporated a full-color, LED display from Watchfire Signs that could be used to create messages directly from Swanner’s desktop.

“I knew immediately we needed a digital sign when putting in a brand new branch,” Swanner recalled. “I did some price comparisons and after contacting several companies, it was clear Strickler offered the best bang for the buck.

“Being able to change the message on the Watchfire sign in-house and not having to outsource it was very important,” she added.

The immediate challenge was Dallastown is home to just 4,000 people. Swanner said Dallastown is surrounded by a semi-metro area, so while the town is small, the area to be served by the credit union is much larger.

The CU already had four other locations in York and Adams counties at the time of the move to Dallastown. To maximize the impact in the new location, Swanner used the digital sign’s capabilities as a “community bulletin board.” It rotates marketing pitches for loans and the CU’s financial products with messages supporting students at the middle school and high school down the street, reminders of community events, and even road closure alerts.

The result: Swanner says the return on investment for the LED sign is “improving daily” and she is delighted that a number of students, parents and teachers from the two schools have become members of the credit union.

Several accounts have been opened on behalf of school clubs and organizations, she noted.

“We know the ROI is constantly improving because we have members and non-members come into the branch and say ‘we saw the sign and are interested in the special’ that the sign was promoting,” she explained. “Promotion results have been fantastic. We hear responses and we see the influx of loan applications and membership applications from people coming in off the street as a result of messaging center. The Dallastown branch has been up and running for two-plus years. We are building momentum and constantly improving viewership of the Watchfire digital sign and we continue to get improving personal feedback from people.”

More than 6.5 million exposures per year

The credit union estimates its sign draws 6.57 million exposures per year. Swanner rotates approximately eight phrases at a time, with marketing promotions and information changed out each month. In between, she is able to upload individual community messages in less than five minutes.

When the board was new, Swanner said, “we were ginger with our messaging,” but as time has gone on the CU has become “more bold.”

“We changed our strategy and now include a call to action. It is working,” she asserted.

White Rose Credit Union is considering relocating some of its branches contingent on changes in the local economy, Swanner continued. She said there is a large hospital being built and the management team is considering establish a branch near the location.

“We have discussed it and we hope when we reach that next stage we will bring in digital signs for those branches, as well,” she said.

May 8, 2018

Industry Event: Interactive Customer Experience Summit


The Interactive Customer Experience Summit is reserved for Business to Customer businesses who are interested in utilizing interactive technologies to enhance their customers' experience.

Explore many of the technologies available to businesses – retail, hospitality, travel, restaurants, healthcare and more – for engaging customers. Interactive Customer Experience Summit will cover the landscape from kiosks to digital signage to mobile and beyond to give attendees insights they can put in action now to deliver outstanding interactive customer experiences.

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May 1, 2018

Choosing Your Outdoor Digital Sign

Deciding to go digital can bring about a lot of questions, but BLR is here to assist you through the decision-making process!  Your decision-making should start with determining your city's zoning ordinances followed by thinking through your local traffic patterns.  

Outdoor Digital Signage City Checklist:

  1. Does your city allow you to have an LED sign?
  2. Does the city have any restrictions or requirements for the use of an LED sign?
  3. Does the city mandate size and type of sign?
  4. Are there minimum and maximum height restrictions?
  5. Are there any specific restrictions or requirements for the use of an LED sign?
  6. How many square feet is your sign allowed to be?

Consider Local Traffic Patterns When Choosing Outdoor Digital Signs

Once you have determined the rules and regulations of your city ordinance, take a look the intended location of your outdoor digital sign. Is it close to the street or far away?  Do you have mostly foot traffic, cars or a combination of both?  The location compared to traffic is a huge factor in determining what kind of signage you should use and the resolution options.

Now, think about how fast the traffic around you is moving.  On a highway, traffic is moving much faster and will have less time to read your sign.  Slower cars have more time - and foot traffic has even more time!  As you determine the speed of the traffic passing your sign, you will begin to gain perspective on the type of content that can work for your outdoor signs.  Which is most appropriate for your sign: a short phrase versus more detailed information or video versus an image with text?

Not sure which route to go? Try driving or walking past your building to gain insight from the viewers' perspective!

Need help? Ready to start the decision making process with an informed, professional company with years of experience? 

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April 17, 2018

Is Your Signage Ready to Launch?

It's an exciting time at your company when you've decided to go digital with your signage - but that knot in your stomach saying "Is it ready" is probably keeping you up at night.  Here's a list of things to keep in mind to deciding to go LIVE! 

Core Concept

At the core, your digital signage is promoting a product or a brand.  Is your signage properly addressing your target market and how they receive information about your product/brand?  If not, rethink your digital strategy to ensure they are open to your messaging and more likely to buy!


Are you working with a reputable company who has the knowledge to put together all the pieces of your signage?  There's not only the digital screens, but hooking it up, making sure it is all compatible and finally the messaging platform.  All components need to work flawlessly together?  Not BLR for a consultation.


You've picked out your technology, but have you thought through how that technology gets put together and displayed?  Making sure your digital display has enough space to be mounted and is in plain view is just as important as the technology itself.  Make sure before you go live with your messaging that you've thought through this as well!



April 3, 2018

Artificial Intelligence Increases Digital Signage Success

Artificial Intelligence  noun

  1. The theory and development of computer systems able to perform tasks that normally require human intelligence, such as visual perception, speech recognition, decision-making, and translation between languages.

How Does Artificial Intelligence Work?

Artificial Intelligence platforms are able to evaluate data to find patterns and then can deliver a specific action based on that data.  They call this use of data driven by artificial intelligence: deep learning.  While deep learning is relatively new, it has the power to provide extraordinary results.  

How Can We Use Artificial Intelligence with Digital Signage?

Imagine having an interactive digital screen in your store that allowed you to taylor the message being displayed that is directly responsive to the weather outside?  For example, a clothing store displays sweaters and coats when the weather is cold - and shows tank tops and shorts when the weather is warm outside.  Artificial Intelligence would make this possible.  

In another scenario - what if the digital screen was 'smart' enough that it REMEMBERED your customers through facial recognition and could welcome them back!  

Looking Ahead.


The global digital signage market is expected to grow to $31.71 billion by 2025. While the AI market is predicted to rise to nearly $60 billion by 2025.

Read more about Artificial Intelligence from Doug Bannister at Digital Signage Today.