2019 Digital Signage Trends

DigitalSignageToday.com has delivered their key market insights for 2019 in their Digital Signage Future Trends Report. This report helps vendors and digital signage users get a glimpse into where the market is heading.  The belief for 2019 is that there will be an increasing number of units deployed, better analytics available and more robust hardware.

Increasing number of deployments

After gathering insights from 464 end users across many industries, the survey revealed that end users that are already deploying digital signage are planning to add more. Specifically:

  • 54% of restaurants planned to deploy digital signage to more locations.
  • 40% of retailers planned to deploy digital signage in the future.
  • 63% of banks have deployed digital signage or plan to deploy it.
  • 69% of end users planned to deploy more displays in 2019.

Better analytics

Analytics of the impact of digital technology is improving and is only going to get stronger.

“Facial recognition cameras enable displays to recognize a customer, greet them, and suggest products or services based on their purchasing history. Alternatively, AI can analyze the appearance of a customer and promote products based on their age, what they’re wearing or any other number of factors,” Ben Telford, copywriter, Armagard, said in his blog for the 2019 Digital Signage Future Trends Report. “This technology promises to move outdoor digital signage from a passive medium to a personalized experience — much like touch screens have done in the last few years, but in a more individualized way.”

More robust hardware

Hardware is becoming ‘smarter’ and cheaper as technology is advancing.  The report shows the following cutting-edge hardware trends for 2019

  • An increasing number of direct-view LED displays in retail spaces.
  • Commercial grade digital signage hardware will help secure networks.
  • Mini/micro LED technology deliver better resolutions.
  • Outdoor displays will get larger.
  • Decreasing prices will help schools afford more digital signage.