Many businesses have struggled to stay open during this pandemic and choose the sad decision to close. How can digital signs help businesses thrive? Improving a customer’s experience may be a great way to keep their businesses operating. 

Does the local grocery store have toilet paper or disinfecting wipes currently available? If so, where in the store are they located? How many hand sanitizers can one buy? Interactive digital signs could show a map of the store. Customers could tap a certain product to see where it is located, how many are in stock, and the limit that they can purchase. There would be a hand sanitizer station right next to it, of course. Many people want to get in and out of the store as quickly as possible, and this type of sign would be so beneficial. 

How about a big digital display that shows photos or videos of places that are relaxing, like beaches and mountains? Maybe an inspirational quote or calming artwork? This would make a trip to the store a more positive, happy, and uplifting experience.