During the pandemic, marketing teams have had to scramble to change their strategies and options for engaging customers. One major impact was to touchscreens which require a customer to physically touch the screen to complete actions. It was it was now taboo to touch any surface as it was a possible way to contract COVID-19.
So how do you companies compete when the touchscreen is no longer an option?

Whether you’ve already opened or are hoping to open soon, there are many areas of your location that need to be thought about. Businesses using touchscreens are getting creative on how to maintain safe standards while not losing out on their innovative technologies.

One company implemented an option to use the smart phone as an interactive way to integrate with the touchscreen. The touchscreen would be able to scroll, click and show all the options it normally would have without being touched.

Restaurants implemented QR-based menus so that customers could read the menu on their smartphone. This drastically reduced the number of touch points where germs can be spread. This option could also be implemented into the touchscreen kiosks.

Technology has come such a far away and has been evolving so quickly during the pandemic. What ways were you able to innovate and navigate during this time while still enhancing the customer experience?