Why Go Digital?

There are many reasons why businesses need signage – but choosing which type of sign can be a daunting task. Traditional, static signs have been the ‘norm’ for many years. However, research is proving that digital signs attract and engage more customers while providing a longer recall time for promotion-specific content. Advantages of each signage system include:

Traditional Signs

  • Every change requires new printing fabrication and installation fees
  • Only one message can be displayed throughout an extended period of time

Digital Signs

  • Changes can be uploaded anytime from anywhere
  • Moving images and sound attract more attention
  • Stay ahead of your competition!
  • Earn money from advertisers
  • Engage customers at point of sale
  • Modify promotions and displays during peak hours
  • Endless content options since the message can change multiple times a minute
  • One-time installation fee

Research has shown that the digital signage market is set to
grow at an 8.94% compound annual growth rate through 2020.

More Business Applications of Digital Signage

Increase the effectiveness of employee communications. Impress customers and partners with dynamic briefing centers and lobbies. Improve audience engagement with state-of-the-art conference rooms. Increase productivity by visibly communicating key workflow information. Create a direct link to business data and other important tools.

Bring your event to life with compelling dynamic content showing thematic activities and locations, provide attendee recognition, tie into other multimedia elements. Help guests get more enjoyment out of the event with interactive wayfinding to activities, refreshments and more.

Improve sales dramatically with a network of displays strategically placed throughout your store.

Financial Services
Communicate information about your most important products and services with ease.

Facilitate interior and exterior wayfinding. Improve in-classroom communications or campus-wide information distribution in an impactful way.

Boost sales and margins by easily updating menu items with dynamic digital menu boards.

Increase productivity by visibly communicating key workflow information.  Create a direct link to business data and other important tools.

Health Care
Improve patient communications.  Help patients navigate a complex medical facility.

Improve communications with employees, suppliers and visitors.





Dynamic Digital Signage

BLR Sign Systems is an experienced partner that understands content and provides, appropriate design, state of the art hardware and software with professional installation and on-going support.

Static Signs

From custom architectural signs to code compliant ADA signs, BLR Sign Systems specializes in large commercial building projects with a long history of providing expert project management, fabrication and installation to the most exacting standards.

Marketing Communications

BLR Sign Systems is uniquely qualified to help you put your brand where you need it. From wide format printing and custom designed and fabricated structures to trade show displays and everything in between.

Creative Services

BLR Sign Systems offers in-house creative services to help you create compelling signage and graphics.

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