We’ve all been there. All of a sudden something has changed and the entire marketing strategy goes out the window. Everybody scrambles to put something together to get it out on time and meet the deadline. That frantic scrambling can leave errors and unthought through plans leading to customers being confused. These reactive, knee-jerk strategies often left something to be desired.

In an ideal world, every marketing strategy has been thoughtfully planned down to the tiniest detail. This proactive processing allows branding to maintain consistency and customers feeling good about your business, and brand. Let’s look at some ways to put together your content in a positive, pro-active way:

Every business should have a branding style guide to work off of – this should be the baseline for your content strategy. Is your business fun and quirky or serious in nature? Are your branding colors are vibrant or reserved? Stick to fonts and logos that enhance your brand recognition.

Think through what your message is trying to convey for this marketing initiative. Outline the details that need to be incorporated into the brand messaging. Outlining everything that needs to be incorporated will help ensure that nothing is missed for execution.

Once you’ve put gathered all your branded materials for the project and outlined everything that must be included, you can begin creating the content.

The final step is the review process. Have multiple people look at the design and contact to ensure the correct information is being used and no detail goes unnoticed.  Take a step back from the project and now look at it from the customers perspective. Does the final product give off the vibe of your business. Will the customer be confused or left feeling invigorated to work with you or purchase?