“This isn’t a bump in the road, this is a major fork and we’ve been given the opportunity offered to few generations— the chance to make long lasting, significant and positive change.” – Cushman & Wakefield report

The pandemic drastically shifted the way that everything operates in the U.S.A – from logistics to office space to relationships, everything has changed. People have the ability to innovate at a rate that we’ve never seen before – new technologies, and businesses, are rapidly being created. Here’s just a few highlights of the industries that have changed – and will likely never return to the ‘way it was’:

  • The retail industry has shifted further into the online world
  • Large quantities of people are working from home
  • People can travel and work from anywhere they would like and still accomplish their work
  • Enhanced usage of online education – no longer just for college
  • Logistics channels have changed to accommodate mass needs in the marketplace