Digital outdoor media is becoming a prominent and innovative way to create income in real estate. They help make client outreach and engagement effortless and achieve this in a way that is esthetically pleasing to the client. It is reshaping how the realm of advertising and how commercial properties interact with the outside world.

Digital billboards are one of the fastest-growing outdoor media formats. When strategically placed, a digital billboard can generate considerable income for commercial properties through advertising. This adds a new revenue stream outside of simply collecting rents. It also acts as an investment as digital billboards increase the value of the property as well.

The placement of a digital billboard directly impacts the amount of revenue it can generate. A property with a high value and a lot of foot traffic will generate the most revenue. Before a digital billboard is installed, a profile will be created to project exactly how and how much revenue it will create. Not only does adding a digital billboard allow
you to monetize your commercial property in a new way; it also adds value to the property itself. This is because its common practice for a digital billboard provider to service both the billboard itself and the grounds it where it is located for free thus the billboard itself increases property value.

Digital billboards are also not limited to outdoor spaces. Depending on the type of property you own there are great indoor options as well, such as the foyer or lobby. That’s the great thing about digital media is extremely flexible and offers so many options with ease. There are even interactive options that will encourage client
engagement even further.

Digital media is moving us forward into the future with creative ways to turn leads into conversions. Utilizing digital billboards in commercial properties allows landlords to generate income a creative way.