Traditionally, Americans were working at their jobs’ location; but, with the pandemic there was a harsh shift. Essential workers continue to work in their place of employment, but many people had to figure out how to work from home. The social interaction of the workplace was immediately halted by the shift in locations.

Throughout the first months of the pandemic, companies started to say they could operate without having to pay for an overhead office expense. Some companies have decided to keep their employees working at home and reduce their overhead expenses on a permanent basis. Other companies have set up a hybrid experience where employees work partially from home and partially at the office depending on the requirements of the office.

Research has shown that many people are anticipating the hybrid experience is here to stay and will be the majority of workspace ecosystems moving forward. This will be a perk to many employees – and may help reduce expenses on a long-term basis for companies.

Where do you see the future of the workplace going? What is your business doing moving forward?