Over the years we’ve become accustomed to smart phones and smart TVs, but now we have to look at the smart workplace. In an effort to provide a safe working experience, technology is becoming an even larger factor than it once was.

Contactless once meant the individuals did not need to interact which led to touch screen ordering systems and wayfinding devices. Now, contactless goes one step further to mean that the consumer does not need to touch the screen. Digital kiosks are being created to allow the consumer to scan the device from their phone and then use the phone to control the kiosk. The consumer has no direct contact with the digital kiosk, wayfinding screen or any other digital screen.

Smart workplaces will now include contactless digital screens that enhance the customer experience and employee performance. Has your company employed any of these tactics? If you’re a business owner looking at re-opening your store front, have you considered installing this advanced technology?

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