May 3 through May 7 is Construction Safety Week which makes this the perfect time to talk about all things safety! The organization that puts Construction Safety Week is highlighting the following this year:

Monday, May 3 – Be Present, Be Focused
It is important to stay focused on the tasks at hand to ensure safety guidelines are met at all points of the project’s duration. It only takes one second for an error to occur.

Tuesday, May 4 – Healthy Mind, Healthy Body
2020 taught all of us that being healthy is not only a physical attribute, but also includes the mind. Staying mentally fit is essential to your well-being at home and at the workplace.

Wednesday, May 5 – Be Relentless
Being relentless about safety on the job and maintaining a culture of minimizing risk is essential to everybody’s health. Be relentless in your planning, preparing and execution of all tasks.

Thursday, May 6 – Be Well Rested
We all hear that 8 hours of sleep is needed to be well rested. But, did you know that the brain actually cleanses itself during the night! Getting enough sleep is truly a function the body needs in order to be mentally awake and ready to tackle every day challenges.

Friday, May 7 – Thank you
Thank each and every one of YOU for your dedication to safety and continued support on the job site. We couldn’t do it without you.

BLR is committed to safety first in all aspects of what we do.