In September, 2019 CityLab produced an article related to bus stops’ wayfinding signage. We found they did an excellent job of highlighting that city’s signage is not up to par. It’s difficult to read, outdated, illegible, faded, or simply ineffective at communicating relevant information. They even have some pretty funny pictures that were submitted to them via twitter. Check out their article: Very Bad Bus Signs and How to Make Them Better

Wayfinding signage should be a blaring sign (pun intended) that customers, bus riders, people walking by, etc. can easily find, read and distinguish. Wayfinding is the cornerstone for allowing people to navigate around cities, malls, museums, etc.

Updating wayfinding signage is an easy way to engage people and get them to where they need to go without having the personnel payroll expenses – what are you waiting for? BLR works with companies of all sizes to help them achieve their visual (and digital) signage needs. Contact BLR for quote today.