Digital Signage Can Help Your Business Protect Staff and Customers from Infection

Digital signs and kiosks can help businesses more easily communicate with both customers and staff. The COVID-19 pandemic has provided new challenges for business owners as they now must deal with mask mandates and hand hygiene compliance. This is where innovative digital signage technology can be introduced to help automate processes to help eliminate contact between staff and clients, enforce mask mandates, and provide better and more efficient sanitation.

Digital Signs and Kiosks Can Help Encourage Better Hand Hygiene

One of the ways that digital signs and kiosks can help stop the spread of COVID-19 is by helping to encourage better hand hygiene. One way is by creating hand sanitizing kiosks with digital signage that detail proper handwashing and sanitation. One company even has an add-on available that adds UV light technology to sanitize the touchscreen automatically. These kiosks can dispense hand sanitizer for as many as 5,000 people without being refilled, and this protects the staff by limiting their engagement with the customer.

Enforce Mask Mandates with Facial Recognition Software

Another great way digital signs and kiosks can help protect your business is by using facial recognition software to see whether a customer is wearing a mask. They can even sound an alarm or automate doors so that they do not open to anyone not wearing a mask. This prevents staff from having to enforce these mask mandates themselves. This added layer of protection has a positive ripple effect on your entire establishment, allowing staff to focus on work and not on sanitation and mask enforcement.

Infection control is particularly important to businesses moving forward in these challenging times. Digital signs and kiosks can shift your business towards the future and bring a sense of security to the people involved with your business. Providing a safe customer experience will ultimately increase revenue and keep your staff free from infection as well.