It’s that time of year again when schools are reviewing their budgets and making plans for the up-coming school year. BLR Sign Systems would like to provide you with 3 reasons your school should consider going digital with your outdoor signage this year.

Quick and Easy to Update

Outdoor static signs only provide schools with a one-time application to provide information, which usually consists of the school name and contact information. Digital signs allow for the school to quickly, and easily, update your signs with important information (see ‘Keep Parents Up-To-Date’ section!) without the additional costs.

Keep Parents Up-To-Date

It is important to utilize every opportunity to communicate with parents. Sometimes an email or a phone call can get lost in the shuffle as parents juggle work, school and activities. With digital outdoor signs, all your important information can be displayed as it is happening. Digital signs are a great way to communicate upcoming deadlines, reports are coming out, vacation dates and so much more. This allows your school to have technology work for you with minimal effort and maximum returns!

Motivate Students

By using outdoor digital displays, your school has a platform to publicly announce how great your students, teams and activities are. For example, if the debate team wins an important award the digital display can shout out their success for all to see. Also, honor roll students’ names can be displayed for all their hard work and dedication. The options are endless!

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